09 December 2012

What To Expect for 2013 @ all about cars

2012 has been a very popular year for this blog. When Google started releasing statistics in the second half of 2012, 5,300 hits were made for the final six months of the year, an average of 29 hits per day. 2011 went to 49,300 hits; 135 per day. With a few weeks to go, 2012 has seen 106,000 hits; 310 per day! So what to expect for 2013?

I can see you prefer car sales by country, but I don't want to plaster the blog with too much partial year data. Full year stats are interesting for years to come, unlike month by month data. Anyway, 2013 will kick off with a blast of 'sales by country' as they are released. I plan to include some sales by model too in addition to brand sales, now that the blog is able to display data better than it used to.

Car production data is quite popular so I will be doing some until the end of December, when car sales take over. General industry articles would be the least of interest it would seem, so I will keep those to a minimum.

What I am doing gradually is going through each page to see if the text is well laid out. I changed the appearance a little while back and some articles it seems became misaligned. Sorry for that; rather embarrassing. I am now tidying up but it does take time. There were not too many affected.

The site will remain advertisement free. I could commercialise it and get something back for the time it takes to keep doing the blog. However, I like the idea of a site uncluttered with advertisements, the content I would have no control over. I don't want you to to be 'invited to hook up with someone' when you come here to read about cars. Besides, life isn't about money; its about living, enjoying and having enough. In other words content.

Well done to all those organisations that release the data to which this blog owes much of its source material.   Especially a big thank you for your coming.

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