10 November 2012

Spam Attack

This blog is quite popular, with hundreds of visitors every day. It is nice to have people enjoying your work, albeit from an amateur key board pecker. I also welcome comments from all, and made it easier by allowing anyone to do so, even anonymously. All comments get sent to me by email to make sure they are not spam, but genuine opinions from readers.

Google block most spam from hitting the blog page, but some get through. Even the ones put aside need to be checked and if kosher, allowed to be entered. The rest are manually deleted. Last week, the spam rate went up to 20-30 a day and I cut off email notification, deciding to check every couple of days myself. In two days just past, there were 1,200 spam comments. In the last few hours, nearly 100!

Therefore I reluctantly have tightened the criteria for posting. It is now for registered users and open ID only. If they get around this, I will have to reassess the setting. I am sorry, but the work it is creating is unacceptable.

For the spammers, do you really think deluging a person or blog with thousands of repeat spams will make them interested in what you are selling? This picture shows the effect it has on people...

Thank you for those who have genuinely commented, and I hope people continue to do so. Your opinions are always welcome.

PS. So far zero spam a few days later. Yay.

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