31 August 2012

Car Stats And What It May Tell Us

When looking around the world for car sales statistics, it is amazing how varied the quality of data that is freely available to the public. Western countries are the most open whereas emerging nations not so, and this tells us about the thinking of those areas. However, even within regions, variance is very much in evidence.

As an example, I'll give my experiences with Scandinavian countries to see what we learn about them. Scores will be allocated on quality of the data, both detail and presentation (1), how quickly it is released (2), how helpful if contacted (3). 10 points for the first one, five for the other two:

Nations 01 2 3 Tot
Sweden 09 5 5 19
Finland 09 4 5 18
Iceland 09 4 3 16
Denmrk 09 1 0 10
Norway 01 5 1 7

So what did I learn about these nations? Sweden, Finland and Iceland are open in their dealings with others. I don't recall contacting Iceland so gave a default 3 on #3. Both Sweden and Finland are extremely helpful when contacted. What I learned that was new to me was Finland is much more open and helpful than I thought. Iceland is more open than I expected but I knew nothing before anyway. I guessed that Sweden was anyway so as expected for that nation. Top marks to them.

Denmark surprised me. Good data, but very slow and no reply if contacted. Norway seems inward looking and insular. Data is well presented and speedy but very limited. If you contact them, any reply is suspicious and then unhelpful.

I wonder if people familiar with these nations would verify if these findings fit their national character. Surprising the differences considering their closeness.

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