01 June 2012

A Record Month: May 2012

January 2012 had 61 posts, full of car sales figures from around the world. The 10,600 hits I thought would stand for a long time. Well, something happened this month, 12,000 hits to be precise.

So what article brought so many here? Easily the top two were 'Car Sales Luxembourg: 2011' and 'LR Defender Sales By Country: 2010'. So we learn that Luxembourg is a popular country...I hope their tourist board has noticed the role of this blog in promoting this tiny European nation. Also, people like to know where Land Rovers are selling. Are you listening LR? People want to know about your company.

From where did you come from in May '12? The UK 14%, USA 10%, Japan 4%, France, India and Russia 3% each, Germany 2%, Italy 1.8%, Portugal 1.7% and Canada rounded out the top ten with 0.9%. The diversity is great, so those nations under the top ten threshold made up well over 50% of hits.

You are most welcome to come any time, I like you popping in. Comments can be left without registering or logging in. There is no advertising, this is purely about the sharing of information, something the Internet offers to all of us. What I 'blog' on this site is because of the information super highway that I have tapped into. May the openness of information continue.


  1. The craze for luxury cars in India is continuously increasing.Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati, Koenigsegg, Porsche are all here in India now, selling their multi crore cars. These supercars look beautiful and are superfast, but are more of a showpiece than practical vehicles for Indian roads. But this thing is not sufficient reason which can reduce the enthusiasm of people to buy these cars.Mercedes Benz is getting huge success in India.

  2. I wish JLR were more open about car sales in India.