30 May 2012

JLR In Good Health: 2011-12

One thing that I couldn't understand about British management was the fact they never talked up success. Maybe it was viewed as bragging, something not in good taste. If so, you would have to say German companies have excessive poor taste, as they talk up their achievements like no others. The fact is the public don't perceive saying how well you are doing as improper. JLR now does tell the world it is doing fine, and perhaps some overseas management influence has helped there. So for some of the facts for the year ending March 2012:

Pre Tax profit:
£1.5bn +34%
First Quarter '12:
£530m +77%

Total: 314,433 +27%
Britain: 60,000 +3%
Nth America 58,000 +15%
China: 51,000 +76%

Sales in markets such as Russia, Brazil and India are booming too.

Not only did profits improve for the financial year, they were the best in the last quarter. Profits are being used to expand the range of vehicles and keep existing ones competitive. Sales are now at record levels too. Owners Tata must be most pleased. Previous boss Ford was a dysfunctional company at management level and it never got anything like the benefits from the JLR business as it should. Simplifying its business to its core brand was needed. Still, it must hurt to Ford see how JLR is now doing.

JLR products are increasingly sort after. Letting the public know this is good for business, and putting out some hard data confirms this success. Such good publicity leads to brand awareness, desirability and enquiry. The above figures show that is now happening.

Pic of XF: onsurga.com

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