17 January 2012

Jaguar / Land Rover Total Sales: 2011

JLR had a good year in 2011. Below I have broken down the figures supplied to the media by JLR.

JLR Combined:

Period / 2011 / 2010 / Inc-dec
December 31,000 21,350 +45%
Tot Yr 274,300 232,450 +18%

Land Rover:

Period / 2011 / 2010 / Inc-dec
December 26,250 17,000 +54%
Tot Yr 223,600 178,600 +25%


Period / 2011 / 2010 / Inc-dec
December 4,700 4,300 +9%
Tot Yr 50,700 53,850 -6%

Points To Note:

The Land Rover sales for 2011 were its highest ever, eclipsing the previous high of 2007.

Although Jaguar was down slightly for the total year, sales were up 16% in the last quarter of the year. Combined, JLR had a very successful final quarter.

In 2011, Land Rover sales alone exceeded both Jaguar and Land Rover's combined 2010 sales.

A few years ago, this sort of data was kept well away from the public by JLR. Now they must realise that this is publicity, and good PR. Anything that gets your name out there, especially when it is such fine news as this, is good for image and therefore business.

Source: JLR  Last updated: 16.10.12


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