18 August 2011

The Mclaren MP4-12C

I am not a fan of super cars such as Ferrari or Lamborghini. Certainly they have a style about them that turns heads and are a fabulous drive on a suitable road. The problem is that is all they're good at.

There is a new super car on the block, the McLaren MP4-12C. So how does it compare with the opposition? If it was simply to be driven around a race track, many would say the Ferrari would edge past it for fun factor, but it is apparently a stunning car in that environment nevertheless.
In everyday use, the MP4-12C wins easily for riding beautifully over uneven surfaces (something it is outstanding on), quiet at low speeds, not too wide for real world town driving, it actually has storage capabilities, and by setting the car up for what you need, safe and easy to drive.

Super cars are toys for rich boys to play with and perhaps to catch a gold digging trophy blonde. The McLaren is different. It isn't so ostentatious in style and all the better for it; a car of beauty in my eyes. It is amazing when driven hard and very good just toodling around if needed. So someone has finally made a super car that is practical. I still wouldn't buy one, but if I was in the market for this sort of car, it would be the only one on my shopping list. Well done McLaren.

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