20 July 2011

Strategic Vision Awards For Jaguar & LR

In the USA, they have the Total Quality Index (TQI). The latest TQI award was based on 2011 models purchased for the last three months of 2010 and and ascertains how punters feel about their car's ownership experience overall. They are asked to reveal things such as buying, reliability, and performance opinions of their vehicles. 37,000 were questioned in this year's survey. For JLR, the Land Rover LR4 (Discovery) won the Near-Luxury SUV segment and the Jaguar XJ won the Luxury Car section. Both Ford and VW faired well also.

I think this kind of survey is good, because it doesn't just focus one thing, such as reliability. The overall ownership experience decides whether someone is happy with their purchase. I would assume it could tell something about the likelihood of repurchasing the same brand.

In summary: Well done JLR for an improved effort in pleasing customers with fine products.

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