28 July 2011

So Who Will Be The Biggest In 2011?

Historically, GM has for so long been the biggest vehicle maker worldwide.

Toyota took that mantle from them three years ago. Since then, GM has stabilised and Toyota has been losing its strength, not helped by the earthquake and Tsunami. VW Group has stated it made over 4 million vehicles (up 14%) for the first six months of 2011. That sort of production level has put it into the picture.

So who will be the largest vehicle maker by the end of this year? The three brands I have mentioned are not making any predictions, possibly as it is too close to call anyway. I feel sure that VW will pass Toyota, but less sure where GM fits in.

Of course it is more important to be profitable and making good cars than winning a numbers war. However, the prestige from being the world's largest producer makes it something each of these car makers would like to achieve.

My prediction:
GM 1st
VW Group 2nd
Toyota 3rd.

What do you think?

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