14 April 2011

Who Are You?

When Google recently enabled me to see data about the hits this blog was receiving, it proved illuminating. I would like to share that with you now.

During the first month of July 2010, 22 hits per day seemed good. It has climbed month by month and so far in April 2011, there have been 275 hits per day! That is a more than a tenfold increase so I guess word gets around.

Anyway, where do all you good folk come from? Unfortunately only the top ten are revealed to me but here they are:

USA 22.7%
France 12.9%
UK 10.8%
Germany 4.3%
India 2.4%
Canada 1.5%
Australia 1.3%
Netherlands 1.2%
Russia 1.1%
Italy 1.0%
Others 40.9%

I am surprised about the large number from France. The high 'others' figure shows people come from a wide variety of nations. It's nice to have you along.

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