02 March 2011

You Want Car Statistics

From July of 2010, Google allowed Bloggers the ability to see statistically what is going on regarding visitor hits. What I have learned is:

1) This blog has been gaining in popularity. In July to December there were a total of 5,300 hits or nearly 900 per month. In January just over 2,500 and the short month of February over 2,700!

2) Many of the hits for the last two months have been for blogs on car sales, especially for countries.

3) Visitors come from many different countries around the world.

I had already noticed that within the English speaking blog world, there was a deficiency of statistical data on car sales. The January and February upsurge in visitor numbers reflects this blog meets that need. Yet two questions arise for me:

1) Will hits slow down for the rest of the year if I do not feature progressive car sales? It is just an interest I have and I make no financial gain from the time I put in so in that sense, the number of visitors is academic. However, it is nice to know others enjoy coming and reading the articles.

2) Why are so few car makers forthcoming with sales data? Most data is gathered from importers associations or societies representing car makers. Car makers themselves are generally secretive. I find US, Japanese and German car makers the most open about data. On a country level I think the openness to reveal data says much about the country itself. European nations are the most open overall, while Africa, the Middle East and Central America/Caribbean are generally a statistical no go area.

Summary: I like cars and I enjoy statistics so I plan to keep that a major part of the blog. If any manufacturers can help with sales or production data, or if anyone knows where data can be obtained for nations I have not featured, please let me know. rdc1234@gmail.com

I hope you continue to enjoy your visits and suggestions are welcome (but unfortunately rare).

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