01 March 2011

New Nissan Juke A Hit In Europe

Nissan Europe have been singing about the success of its new Juke model. Its looks polarise people, but it is different and distinctive. In an automotive world of blandness, that is a plus for me. Some points of note from the press blurb:

From its European release in September 2010, 32,000 sales were quickly chalked up (44,000 were made in a partial year's production). It has now received a 5 star NCAP rating. The order books are looking very healthy. High end versions have sold particularly well and many sales are of the conquest variety.
The Juke is taking the place of the Micra at Sunderland's production line, the new Micra being sourced elsewhere. UK Nissan production 2010 below:

Qashqai 271,000 (+72,500)
Micra 54,500 (-34,000)
Note 53,000 (+2,000)
Juke 44,500 (+44,500)
Total 423,000 (+85,000)

Summary: Nissan Europe is going really well and the new Juke will play an important role is sustaining this success. Watch and learn Toyota.

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