17 March 2011

JD Power Customer Service Index 2011

The JD Power & Associates 2011 US Customer Service Index Study delivered this list of thirty three car brands, Notice everyone of the top ten are premium brands. No surprise there really. The bottom thirteen are either US or Japanese brands that are generally large volume sellers in the US. Is it a case of the more cars you sell, the less satisfaction the customer feels? The list:

Lexus 846
Jaguar 837
Cadillac 830
Acura 828
Linclon 817
BMW 814
Porsche 814
Mercedes Benz 810
MINI 805
Infiniti 801

GMC 803
Buick 799
Audi 794
Chevrolet 792
Volvo 788
Land Rover 785
Kia 784
Hyundai 783
Smart 783
Volkswagen 779

Ford 773
Honda 765
Mitsubishi 754
Mazda 750
Chrysler 749
Subaru 744
Dodge 743
Scion 737
Toyota 735
Ram 733

Nissan 731
Jeep 728
Suzuki 724

Does customer satisfaction mean that much when it comes to buying again? This list suggests to me not that much, if at all. Certainly not at the bottom end, where price is more important factor. Maybe premium brands more so.

Summary: Lexus and Jaguar, take a bow. Suzuki and Jeep, start digging.

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