10 March 2011

Britain's Own Volume Brand

Italy has Fiat, Germany VW, Japan has several. What are they? A volume producer of cars that local people can identify as theirs. The UK used to have British Leyland, before BMW screwed things up with BL's outgrowth MG Rover (see the article by clicking here). So what volume brand does Britain have? Some could say Jaguar / Land Rover but they are rather pricey for the majority of UK citizens. MINI is a one model range only. Hmmm.

One brand that could be borrowed is Nissan. 85% of the 95,000 Nissans sold in Britain last year were made locally. About 340,000 were exported. The British designed Qashqai (Dualis) has hit one million sales in four years. While they are also made in Japan and China, 80% or 800,000 (obviously) were British built.

In 2010, 423,000 or 33% of all cars built in the UK were Nissans. Nissan does so much for British manufacturing, especially in Sunderland (a somewhat neglected area economically) that surely the people of the country could adopt Nissan as a defacto British brand. I know there isn't a nation on earth as cynical as the British, a group of people who love to put down anything remotely positive.

However, I say rather than masochistically go on about the lost car industry (a popular past time about all sorts of glories long since demised), support those who do you a favour. Nissan has done Britain a fine service by deciding to build cars there, and of such fine quality too. It's time to acknowledge the fact.

Summary: I give you Britain's volume brand in production......Nissan.

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