02 February 2011

Car Sales India: 2010

One brand that has stood out in the Indian market for so long is Suzuki (Maruti). Hyundai and Tata have been following in 2nd and 3rd for about as long. Those three marques have 80% of the total sales. Below that it is quite volatile, as new makes enter the market and jostle for position. This country has huge potential and is growing quickly. Suzuki got in early and has a massive advantage and share of the market.

There is still a noticeable absence of many brands in India. Jaguar and Land Rover are either under Tata or not counted.

1 Suzuki 900,000 48.6%
2 Hyundai 360,000 19.1%
3 Tata 250,000 13.4%
4 GM 90,000 4.8%
5 Ford 80,000 4.3%
6 Honda 62,000 3.3%
7 VW 32,000 1.7%
8 Fiat 22,000 1.2%
9 Skoda 20,000 1.1%
10 Toyota 11,300 0.6%
11 Hindustan 8,300 0.4%
12 Renault 8,200 0.4%
13 Nissan 6,700 0.4%
14 BMW 5,800 0.3%
15 Mercedes 5,300 0.3%
16 Audi 3,200 0.2%
Total Sales 1,870,000 31.2% increase.

Summary: India is dominated by three brands only. That will slowly change.


  1. They are wrong numbers Toyota sold not 11300 but 113.000, and nissan sold 16200 units and BMW sold not 5800 but 6246 units and Mercedes sold not 5300 units but 5820 units and GM sold not 90000 but 102.000 units

  2. Hello Sandeep. Thank you for your comment. My statistics are not in fact wrong at all. Notice at the top of the article, it says 'cars'. These figures do not include MPVs. Toyota doesn't sell many cars in India, only 11,300. The BMW difference is SUV sales; likewise GM. It all depends how you count them.

  3. @RayCee: Hello i'm a Indian and i know the figures at all but trust me you can check it out on all Indian Car sites/ Blog but Toyota are big in India they doesn't sold 11.300 or 113.000 Units i was also wrong but they sold around 80.00 units only the Fortuner sold 12.000 Units in India in 2010 and BMW sold 6246 Cars with SUV&Cars and GM sold around 102.000 units and Mercedes sold 5819 Units and Nissan sold 16200 Units in 2010

  4. Seeing as you are from India, would you be able tell me where to find accurate Land Rover and Jaguar sales figures in India. For some reason, JLR view this as top secret information.

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