02 January 2011

BMW 535d M-Sport vs Jaguar XF 3-litre Diesel S

When journalists put cars head to head in a test, it goes without saying that personal opinion can sway the decision. The best way to find out is do a test yourself. However, we often enjoy the comparison, even if we are not ever going to buy either vehicle. So what of the BMW 535d M-Sport vs. Jaguar XF 3.0-litre Diesel S comparison in Auto Express (UK) in December 2010?

The BMW:Winning points were the incredible engine, brilliant gearbox, more capable chassis and lower emisions.

The Jag: Winning points were its beautiful looks and unique cabin providing a feelgood factor that’s missing from the BMW. Also its huge specification and strong residuals (lower depreciation).

In summary: Auto Express were not convinced by the styling tweaks of M Sport trim, and for all its ability, they felt the BMW is too expensive. Victory goes to the Jaguar.

In other words: For those who want the ultimate drive at any price, the Beemer, otherwise for those who want the better value vehicle and yet still want a great drive will take the Jag.

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