21 December 2010

Car Sales 2009: Wales

We'll keep a welcome in the hillside.
We'll keep a welcome in the Vale
This land you knew will still be singing
When you come home again to Wales.

The Principality of Wales, known for fine singing, had 78,000 passenger vehicles sold within it for 2009. Quite good considering the population of just 3 million. The list below is of the rank, brands (top 10), sales, Welsh market share and the figure in brackets is the total UK market share as a comparison:

1 Ford 17,100 21.9% (15.9%)
2 GM Vauxhall 8,400 10.7% (11.9%)
3 Volkswagen 5,300 6.8% (8.1%)
4 Toyota 4.200 5.3% (5.1%)
5 Citroen 3.600 4.6% (3.6%)
6 Peugeot 3.600 4.5% (5.1%)
7 Renault 3.200 4.0% (3.2%)
8 Nissan 2.700 3.5% (3.9%)
9 Hyundai 2.700 3.5% (2.8%)
10 Fiat 2.600 3.3% (3.1%)

Ford is clearly very dominant, over double the sales of Vauxhall. Ford also has 6% more market share in Wales than the UK as a whole. The country does have a huge Ford engine plant and the workers there probably all buy the brand for a start. You may also have noticed luxury marques are absent from the list. It is very much a working class country and everyday cars are the most popular.

What it means to me: It is good to see that Wales rewards a company such as Ford for its investment in the Principality.

Source: www.dft.gov.uk

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