02 September 2010

Ford Production: 2009

Back in 2005, Ford had just over 9% of the world car/LCV production, but now it is just under 6.5%. That translates in to production falling from 5.7m to 4.25m. US production has gone from 2.9m to 1.35m! The figures come from OICA, so I presume they are kosher. I did notice that Russian Ford production disappeared off the radar on their stats, so they do worry me a little as I know they still make cars there. Ford fell from third to fourth over the year, but they are actually profitable now.
For current production by country:

USA 1,350,000 32.1%
Germany 750,000 17.6%
China 430,000 10.2%
Brazil 325,000 7.7%
Spain 300,000 7.1%
Canada 240,000 5.6%
Mexico 230,000 5.5%
Belgium 184,000 4.3%
Turkey 173,000 4.1%

A fairly healthy spread of production in diverse countries.
Ford has done well in getting out of the red ink, but the target is to grow and prosper. Under its 'One Ford' slogan, it has offloaded all of its European brands and Mercury is out. Just Ford and Lincoln to carry it forward. Working more closely with Ford Europe and making global cars rather than regional ones is Ford's new direction and that is good. It should have been done years ago but at least the right track has now been chosen. Doing it well is the new challenge.

The bottom line: Still plenty of work to do at Ford to maintain long term profitability.

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