25 August 2010

Volkswagen Production: 2009

The Volkswagen brand passed Ford this year in production figures in cars/LCVs to now be third in the world, at 5.1m. This represents a 19% increase and a world market share increase from 6.5% to 7.7%. Its success is based to a large degree on China, Europe and the Americas. Over a third of VWs were built in Germany in 2008, but one year later only a quarter were. China has also about one quater of production now, helping VW to achieve the success it is enjoying. Country production according to OICA as follows in the top six nations:

Germany 1,285,000 25.1
China 1,245,000 24.3
Brazil 770,000 15.0
Spain 545,000 10.6
Czech Rep 535,000 10.4
Mexico 320,000 6.2

VW is poised to keep moving up the pecking order of world production. It seems better placed than others around it in terms of markets and product.

The bottom line: The top spot must only be a matter of time.

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