10 August 2010

Toyota Production: 2009

According to OICA, Toyota production of cars and LCVs dropped 1.7m in 2009 (or 21%). Its world market share fell from 12% in 2008 to 9.5% in 2009, a massive slide. That left them in second spot for the year behind GM. Japanese production was down 1m, going from 47% to 43% of total production. US was second with 13.8% of the total (down from 14%), while China moved up from 6.8% to 9.5%. GM made 1.1m more cars/LCVs in China than Toyota and it's modest presence in the world's largest market hurt Toyota. Top producing nations for Toyota are as follows:

Japan 2,706,000 43.1
USA 870,000 13.8
China 600,000 9.5
Thailand 435,000 6.9
Canada 320,000 5.1
France 208,000 3.3
Indonesia 179,000 2.8
UK 127,000 2.0

Toyota is moving away from its excess Japanese production which will help it. A stronger share of the Chinese market is essential too.

The bottom line: The once mighty Toyota is looking a little vulnerable.

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