25 August 2010

Morgan Aero SuperSports

As part of the Centenary celebrations Morgan announces a most interesting model. It is a lightweight aluminium sports car with a luxurious interior and 4.8 litre V8 engine. There is a choice of 6 speed auto or manual gearboxes.
Just in case you assume Morgans come with wooden chassis, this car has an adhesively bonded lightweight aluminium one. As for open air driving, it has two aluminium detachable roof panels, which can be stored in the boot.

Morgan make about 600 cars per annum, so exclusivity is assured. They are up to date, yet olde worlde too. I imagine that once you have driven one down a beautiful country road, you would understand why people want them. They would be car of the well heeled taken out for a weekend drive. In that scenario, they make perfect sense.
I'm glad Morgan survive and prosper doing what the British do so well, recreating the past with style.

The bottom line: Not to every one's taste, but for many something fabulously different.

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