06 August 2010

GM Production: 2009

For cars and LCVs (light commercial vehicles), GM remained the worlds biggest producer in 2009, according to OICA. For that year, nearly 5.6m cars and 1.1m LCVs were made for a total of 6.65m. This was 9.7% of the world total (down from 12.5% in 2008) and just pipping Toyota by 0.2%. Of course, there are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics, so any statistical comparison depends on what you choose to count or not.

The big news with GM is the shift in where the vehicles are made. In 2005, for example 37.5% (3.35m) of GM Cars/LCVs were made in the US of A, but in '09, it was 18.8% (1.2m) or only about 1 in 6. The big downturn in US sales has brought this about. Fortunately, China has been booming, and GM is a big player there. In '05, only 3.9% (350k) of GM production was in China, but 2009 saw that reach 27.5% (1.77m) of GM production. That is nearly 600,000 more than the US! Brazil is third with South Korea fourth. Production in thousands listed below for top producing locations:

China 1,770,000 27.5
USA 1,200,000 18.8
Brazil 600,000 9.3
South Korea 525,000 8.2
Germany 390,000 6.1
Mexico 350,000 5.5
Spain 340,000 5.3
Canada 325,000 5.1

A nice even spread of production around the world. GM is far from a spent force in vehicle manufacturing and with it's Chinese joint venture doing so well, it now looks to move forward with confidence.

The bottom line: Thanks to China, GM is proving surprisingly resilient.

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