26 March 2010

Thank You

Two calendar months ago, I put a hit counter on this blog to see how many page hits it gets. It counts once for each time a page is viewed so if you view one page per visit, that is one obviously and if you viewed two pages, it counts two etc. Over the two months it has been counting, it have averaged 600 hits per month, well above my expectation. For a blog that started in September, 2007 as a hobby has become quite well read. For readers who are regular or occasional, I would like to say thank you for visiting and I hope you continue to come and read what I ramble about.

I ask if you would leave a comment about what you like or do not like about the blog. Please give me that feedback. It does mean being signed in and I moderate comments. This is not to act as a censor, but to stop spammers advertising on the site. 95% of comments left are nothing to do with the blog's subject but someone wanting you to follow a link to buy say cheap handbags. They don't make it through, but any rational comment will I promise to allow.

So thank you, and I will continue to report on the automotive world to the best of my ability.

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