02 February 2010

Japanese Car Production: 2009

So what of Japanese car production? It fell from 9,900,000 in '08 to 6,860,000 in '09 (-31%). As a side point, CV production was off 35% to 1,070,000.

As for car sales by brand, all lost out as the economic downturn bit. Maker of small cars Daihatsu coped best while Mitsubishi was badly mauled. Production in Japan by brand listed below:

Toyota 2,545,000 -30%
Honda 810,000 -34%
Nissan 780,000 -29%
Suzuki 760,000 -28%
Mazda 695,000 -33%
Daihatsu 550,000 -14%
Mitsubishi 365,000 -53%
Subaru 360,000 -22%

Japanese production was down less than it could have been due to a scrappage scheme in Japan that ran most of 2009 and will continue into 2010. It was aimed at smaller, fuel efficient cars (mentioned in the article above) which mainly assisted Daihatsu although all the Japanese brands got something out of it.
Next year production should start to climb but not by much as the world is still suffering economically.

The bottom line: Such drops in production must be hurting the bottom line.

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