13 December 2009

JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey 2009 : Luxury

JD Power is a respected survey company who show in this survey just completed that dealers play a major part in the car purchase process. JD Power state: The study finds that more than one in five shoppers who leave a dealership without purchasing a vehicle do so because they experienced poor treatment or dealer performance issues such as pricing games, sales pressure tactics or discourteous treatment. While 43 percent of these buyers ultimately purchased from a different dealer of the same brand, 57 percent decided to purchase from a different brand altogether. For the industry as a whole, this equals a 12 percent loss of retail sales to other brands.
I notice Jaguar is doing well Stateside with basically only two models presently, the XF (up 68% in Nov '09) and XK (up 65%). The quality of the service they get at Jaguar dealers must have a major influence in that success. I have found that if you don't like the service before you buy, try getting satisfaction after the purchase.

The bottom line: If you want good service in the US of A when buying a luxury car, your nearest Jaguar dealer should be your first port of call.

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