13 December 2009

JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey 2009 : Mass Market

Mercury mainly sell in North America so I know little about them. Except their dealers are doing a good job. Among mass market brands in the latest JD Power Survey, Mercury ranks highest. All seven Ford and GM mass market brands rank above the segment average, which shows that even if the Big Three are struggling, their dealers can still satisfy the new car buyer. If only Chrysler could do better, the three marques dominating the bottom spaces. It can't be easy for their dealers.

On another brand, MINI improves by 16 rank positions from 2008 to rank sixth in 2009, and is the most-improved brand this year. Mitsubishi came well back at last in the survey and the brand's sales are down nearly 50% this year with one month to go!

The bottom line: I know myself from years in the retail sector that good service not only wins customers, they keep coming back for more.

(Car pic Mercury Milan)

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