09 October 2009

Daimler Production:2008

Daimler (or Mecedes Benz to the great unwashed) has been holding it's world market share of late. In 2005, 2.2% (1,350,000) and in 2008 2.3% (1,516,000). Of the 2008 figure, 1,240,000 were cars and 276,000 LCVs. 81% of MB production was in Germany in 2005 and it is now 74%, so not a vey international company when it comes to where the cars are produced. In 2008, the country breakdown:

Germany 1,120,000 74%
USA 152,500 7%
RSA 55,000 3.6%
Argentina 31,000 2%
Brazil 27,000 1.8%
China 25,000 1.6%
Rest 6,000 0.5%

One would think they would try to make more vehicles away from the Fatherland but it doesn't seem to be hurting them one bit, so why would they?
With Daimler's reputation for building solid, premium cars, it's future will be stable. I must say the cars do nothing for me. They are the 'Toyota' of the premium sector and that safeness appeals to many obviously.

The bottom line: Steady as she goes.

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