04 October 2009

Chrysler Production: 2008

Chrysler is a surprisingly narrow company. By that I mean it makes and sells nearly all its vehicles in North America. At times it has threatened global expansion but it hasn't done so. As to why, I can only assume it was they didn't make cars that had enough international appeal. Or perhaps didn't try very hard enough. Either way, it has ended up a case of too many eggs in one basket. Anyway, Chrysler's world market share plunged from 4.4% in 2005 to 2.8% in 2008. Yet 2009 will be much worse. Chrysler production for 2008:

USA 1,100,000 58.5%
Canada 480,000 25.5%
Mexico 270,000 14.5%
Austria 28,000 1.5%

With shrinking market share in its few key markets, it was all over rover...until Fiat came along. They have taken control and have designs to use Fiat's small car expertise to help them, with Chrysler's large car, SUV experience helping Fiat. Sounds good but I am a little sceptical. Chrysler product needs much work in many areas. I would like to say it can only go up from here, but it can and will go down.

The bottom line: Can Chrysler become profitable any time soon? Hmmm.

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