07 September 2009

Suzuki Production: 2008

Suzuki is a company that would like to have global success but struggles to get there. It suffers from a range of vehicles built around small SUVs and small cars. Not the range to achieve much, in fact it overachieves when you look at the range. Its success is based around two markets, Japan and India. Outside of those countries, it is generally a small player.

In 2005, Suzuki made 2.07 million cars/LCVs and 2.6 million in 2008, its worldwide share up from 3.3 to 3.9%.

Production by country for 2008:
Japan 46% 1,220,000
India 29% 760,000
Hungary 11% 282,000
Pakistan 3.4% 89,000
Indonesia 2.7% 71,000
Rest 0.7% 16,000

This is hardly the profile of a world player, with sizable production limited to a few countries. Suzuki are planning to release a larger car very soon but it will have to do much better than that to progress. I wouldn't buy a Suzuki although there is nothing wrong with them as such. They do not excite or in the case of the big selling Swift, is poorly packaged and not very frugal with the fuel.

The bottom line: Success at home and getting a dominant position in India's growing market have been winners, but apart from that it is all about settling for crumbs.

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