28 July 2009

UK Engine Production

While UK car making has slipped over the years, its engine production has increased. In 1999, 2.1 million engines were made. 50% Ford, 13% Nissan, 11.5% MGR and 9.5% Land Rover. Since then GM, LR and MGR have all ceased UK engine production and BMW has come in. So what is the situation today (2008) in Old Blighty with regard to who makes what?

1) Ford; two plants, Dagenham, c. London, and Bridgend, Wales. 1.75m engines (62%).
2) BMW; Oxford. 370k (13%).
3) Toyota; Deeside, Wales. 300k (10.5%).
4) Honda; Swinton, Wiltshire. 200k (7%).
5) Nissan; Sunderland. 115k (4%).
6) Cummins; Daventry, Northamptonshire. 80k (3%).

With 1.65m vehicles made in the UK and over 2.8m engines, clearly many engines are exported to overseas plants. Most of the exporting is done by Ford who supply European plants with their requirements and in future American ones too. BMW make their 4 cylinder petrol engines in the UK, for the MINI and BMWs in Germany.

The bottom line: UK engine making is on the up.

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