10 July 2009

New 2010 XJ Jaguar Revealed

I could say all sorts of things about the new XJ. However, it has basically the same underpinnings as the previous one. You see, the last one was brilliant underneath but was covered by a traditional body, which appealed to older buyers. That didn't cut it. As Jay Leno said at the unveiling, you can sell a young man's car to an old man, but you can't sell and old man's car to a young man. Now they have given it the young man's look, the body the previous model needed. My first reaction was the grille isn't nice but then I thought bold, and frankly that is what is required.

The rear is unusual, French in influence to my eye but I'm not an expert on such matters. Certainly different and clean.

The interior looks a lovely place to be, with tasteful touches of wood grain. It looks brilliant in the photo, better than a darker one I have also seen.

As for Elle MacPherson modelling next to it, well it's hard to notice the car. As I said in an earlier post, when it comes to a beautiful woman or a beautiful car, the auto will always lose. By miles. That said, Elle is a fine choice, refined and sophisticated like the car itself.

A success for Jaguar is on the way, don't you think? Jaguar made 24,000 of the XJ in the year 2000, but produced less than 6,000 in 2008. A new one was badly needed, one with style. The current economic downturn will limit sales, but 2010 should see 15,000 find new owners. A little optimistic? Maybe.
The bottom line: Jag has a winner on its hands here.

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