17 July 2009

JD Power Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study

You may be thinking that a survey on Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) would be done by people with nothing else to do with their time. Apparently, "vehicle models achieving high APEAL scores have been shown to benefit from faster sales, less need for cash incentives and higher profit margins on each vehicle sold".
So there, it does matter. How did various brands fare?

Luxury brands, especially Euro, did well. Japanese and American marques were generally below average. This chart reflects that luxury cars do better and volume brands follow. One can compare how cars fared in classes. Jaguar breezed past more fancied brands like Audi, BMW Merc and Lexus in yet another survey. GM's Cadillac also beating them surprised me though. Saab was one Euro brand that bombed. VW, GM's Buick and Ford did well in mass market offerings.
The bottom line: German premium brands are overrated.

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