16 July 2009

The End Of The Line For The X-Type

Ford commissioned the X-Type to take Jaguar into serious volume territory. The problem was they were in a hurry achieve this goal. The end result was a reasonably stylish car, if not quite the style a Jaguar car needed. Ford didn't understand Jaguar. It pushed fleet sales at the expense of profit, which hurt resale values. That damaged the reputation of the X-Type to private buyers and it never really recovered.
Also, when a Ford platform was used, the UK press ripped into it for this and that did the car no favours either. The same press has never uttered a peep about Audis sharing platforms with Skodas.

Of course they shouldn't because it doesn't matter. Judge it on its own merits and not on prejudice. Mind you, the UK media is so up itself, reasonableness is not even on the radar, apart from a few exceptions.
When North America pulled the plug on the X-Type I think in 2007, sizable volume was lost. Now the recession has finished it off. I thought it was a reasonable car, not overly striking in appearance but a sensible vehicle which was well made.

The bottom line: A credit to the workers at Halewood, they did Jaguar proud.

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