19 May 2009

Hybrid Cars

I was reading about new hybrid cars, how they will revolutionise the propulsion of cars. It seems that electric cars do not have the range people want and battery producers would have trouble making enough batteries anyway. Hydrogen needs a fuel distribution system in place and require a large tank fitted to hold it. Ethanol is less efficient than petrol per litre and in pure form does not like cold starts. I presume that is why it is often mixed with petrol. Simply put, petrol or diesel are superior to anything else. They deliver energy at a reasonable cost, with minimum storage required. It does however pollute and supply is running out.

Hybrids have electric power for around town and an auxiliary petroleum motor that switches on when needed, to create electricity if greater range is required. I guess it will extend the supply of petrol a bit, but as solution, it seems short term at best.

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