21 October 2007

S-Types Are So Nice

Many feel that Jaguars are naff. I'm sorry but you are wrong. Actually, I'm not sorry. How many potential E-Class or 5 Series drivers would at least test drive an S-Type? I'd wager that there is more chance of the French making English their official language. You are the loser though as they are sooooo underrated, it's not funny.

The S-Type will soon be replaced by the XF, which does look a good car. But I think the S-Type is so well sorted and so different from the new XF that they should keep production of the S-Type going. If it's sales fall away, pull the plug. The reason I was thinking about keeping it in production was that I feel it has all the hallmarks of a classic. I'm sure that it won't remain in production for cost reasons as it probably wouldn't sell in large enough numbers to justify my suggestion. Oh well, it was just a thought.

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  1. Jeremy Clarkson was quite impressed with a Jag recently, but I can't remember the model.